About Us

Citystate Group Pte Ltd, through its subsidiaries, operates in general insurance underwriting, insurance broking, travel, food and beverage, restaurants, property development, property management, and education sectors in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Hong Kong, China and India.

The company operates travel companies that offer corporate ticketing, incentive tours, large scale meeting and exhibitions, cruises, and special tours; provides hotel rooms online to travel agents and travel Web portals worldwide; operates Japanese restaurants; leases luxury serviced apartments; and provides education services and enrichment courses in English and Mandarin.

It also distributes various imported products that range from lifestyle drinks to convenience food items to food service and retail markets; manufactures sandwiches and packed salads for distribution through supermarkets and convenience stores; provides catering services; offers food consolidation services out of Singapore; and brokerages and represents food products to regional and international markets.

The company was founded in 1987 and is based in Singapore.


To be a well-recognised, respected and diversified group of companies based out of Singapore with strength throughout Asia and excellent links worldwide.


• To build a strong, profitable group of companies with longevity, endurance and a sense of purpose

• To be an employer for the long-term, providing a sense of belonging for all our staff and constantly working to provide opportunities to grow and excel

• To mirror the Singapore values of integrity, quality and expertise in everything we do

• To be in a strong position to contribute actively to society


We support each other. While no company within the group will do well all the time and no individual can do well all the time, together we make up for each other when we need to and give each other the time to sort things out.

We are part of a professionally diligent team made up of like-minded people who constantly strive for personal and business improvement. Our constant search for business growth enables the resources for our personal growth.

We are part of a team that values balance – a balance between work life and personal life, and between short-term gain and long-term value.

We are part of a team which believes in integrity – personally and in business – in dealings with our customers, our colleagues and our stakeholders.

We embrace diversity – in businesses, in people and in ideas.

We want to have fun at work and enjoy what we do. We strive to ensure that our work environment also adds value to our social and personal lives.