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For children to succeed in Mandarin they must enjoy the process of learning the language and Chengzhu Mandarin Education ensures just that! With a proven curriculum and unique approach to teaching based on Julia Gabriel Education’s renowned EduDrama® methodology, we nurture a love of learning Mandarin in every child through a wide range of exciting enrichment programmes. Interactive projects, dramatic play, literacy activities and age-appropriate academic studies help infants to pre-teens speak and write expressively with ease, leading to eventual mastery.

Full immersion within a language rich environment and learning focused on experiencing Chinese culture first-hand provides students with the most meaningful learning opportunities at both Chengzhu Mandarin Education and Chengzhu Mandarin Kindergarten. This latest addition to the Chengzhu brand offers a fully comprehensive preschool curriculum from Nursery One to Kindergarten Two. With an holistic approach to education that aims to develop the whole child, our kindergarten graduates enter Primary One confident, independent thinkers and happy learners, excited about the challenges ahead!


• Mandarin PlayNest -Infants and their caregivers have fun together as they participate in a range of exciting activities specially designed for hands-on, interactive learning and language stimulation.

• Mandarin PlayClub -Toddlers are introduced to key concept words and phrases and the natural rhythm of Standard Mandarin through stories, puppets, drama, art and craft, songs and healthy snacks. Activities are designed to stimulate the natural curiosity of each child and enhance their growing independence.

• Cultural Arts -Immersion within the arts is the ideal way to develop children’s creativity and strengthen the relationship between dynamic thought and language acquisition, motivating them to communicate and express themselves through newly discovered art forms. Children gain an insight into different aspects of Chinese culture while absorbing language naturally in a fun and exciting language-rich environment.

• Language Learners-Children develop competency in the four components of language learning (speaking, listening, reading and writing) through exciting activities including drama, storytelling, music and movement, art and craft, and writing practice.

Language Skills (P1-P4)-This programme supports students in reaching the standards expected for the Singapore Ministry of Education’s primary school Mandarin curriculum. Each level of the programme focuses on developing listening, speaking, reading and writing skills through a variety of dynamic and age-appropriate teaching methods.

Creative Writing (P1-P4)-Our educators use a range of strategies to stimulate each child’s creative thinking and enable them to create their own pieces of literature. They learn to use language imaginatively, resulting in colourful and confident speech and writing.

Mandarin Expressions (P5-P6)-This programme supports children in meeting the demands of the Singapore Ministry of Education’s upper primary Mandarin curriculum. Students explore language in context, going beyond school work, enabling them to use language that is meaningful and relevant to their lives. Students develop the confidence to use language imaginatively, creatively and expressively. –

The joy of learning and discovery continues during the long school breaks with a range of specially designed holiday adventures that keep language acquisition alive for our regular students and introduce new students to a dramatically different way of learning Mandarin.

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