With over 25 years experience and a dramatically different approach to learning, at Julia Gabriel Education we ensure excellence in education throughout our entire community. Comprising pre-schools and enrichment centres, in Singapore and across the Asia Pacific Region, our portfolio includes Julia Gabriel Centre, Chiltern House Preschool and Chengzhu Mandarin Centre. Our expertise in the fields of early childhood education and Speech Communication Arts, our specialist educators, and our understanding of how people of all ages learn best, has helped establish our reputation for top quality, meaningful education.

Julia Gabriel Centre

At Julia Gabriel Centre we empower students to communicate confidently through EduDrama®, a unique teaching methodology that combines children’s drama with planned educational outcomes. Students learn within a positive and enjoyable environment, inspired by educators who are passionate about children, language and the arts. EduDrama® draws out the best in every individual because it engages the whole person, focusing on their strengths and unique learning style. Age appropriate activities enable students to express ideas through voice, speech, language, music, movement, art, writing, performance, debate and visual media, working towards Trinity College London awards at kindergarten level and above.

Our centre in Forum, Orchard Road, offers programmes for children from as young as 6 months old, through primary aged students and teenagers, continuing with adult learners at Julia Gabriel School of Education. Here, both teachers and parents gain opportunities to expand knowledge and interest in education and the arts through a range of internationally recognised courses and parenting workshops. Our centre in Tampines Mall specialises in Readers and Writers programmes for children up to 18 years old, honing literacy skills as they develop a love of the written word.

Chengzhu Mandarin Education

For children to succeed in Mandarin they must enjoy the process of learning the language and Chengzhu Mandarin Education ensures just that! With a proven curriculum and unique approach to teaching based on Julia Gabriel Education’s renowned EduDrama® methodology, we nurture a love of learning Mandarin in every child through a wide range of exciting enrichment programmes. Interactive projects, dramatic play, literacy activities and age-appropriate academic studies help infants to pre-teens speak and write expressively with ease, leading to eventual mastery.

Full immersion within a language rich environment and learning focused on experiencing Chinese culture first-hand provides students with the most meaningful learning opportunities at both Chengzhu Mandarin Education and Chengzhu Mandarin Kindergarten. This latest addition to the Chengzhu brand offers a fully comprehensive preschool curriculum from Nursery One to Kindergarten Two. With an holistic approach to education that aims to develop the whole child, our kindergarten graduates enter Primary One confident, independent thinkers and happy learners, excited about the challenges ahead!

Chiltern House Preschool

Chiltern House Preschool aims to strike a balance between the nurturing qualities of home and preparing every child for the academic rigours of primary school. The combination of a joyful, warm and caring environment and the school’s unique EduDrama® teaching methodology, provides a dramatically different educational foundation that sees every student graduate with confidence, positive self-esteem, strong communication skills and a curious mind.

Our comprehensive full and half-day bilingual curriculum provides every child with a wealth of integrated experiences that empower their learning for life. Children work individually and in small groups at dedicated learning centres, facilitated by highly trained and nurturing educators. We also run an established Learning Support and Therapy Programme, creating customised learning tools for children with additional needs.

Remaining aware and responsive to the ever changing needs of students and parents is important to us – our parents are our closest partners – and together we ensure excellence in education every step of the way.