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At Julia Gabriel Centre we empower students to communicate confidently through EduDrama®, a unique teaching methodology that combines children’s drama with planned educational outcomes. Students learn within a positive and enjoyable environment, inspired by educators who are passionate about children, language and the arts. EduDrama® draws out the best in every individual because it engages the whole person, focusing on their strengths and unique learning style. Age appropriate activities enable students to express ideas through voice, speech, language, music, movement, art, writing, performance, debate and visual media, working towards Trinity College London awards at kindergarten level and above.

Our centre in Forum, Orchard Road, offers programmes for children from as young as 6 months old, through primary aged students and teenagers, continuing with adult learners at Julia Gabriel School of Education. Here, both teachers and parents gain opportunities to expand knowledge and interest in education and the arts through a range of internationally recognised courses and parenting workshops. Our centre in Tampines Mall specialises in Readers and Writers programmes for children up to 18 years old, honing literacy skills as they develop a love of the written word.


• PlayNest- Accompanied by one adult, babies and toddlers enjoy structured and free play, alphabet zoo pup-pets, interactive stories, music and songs, art and craft and a healthy organic snack, as they build gross motor skills, social and spatial awareness and absorb language naturally.

• PlayClub-This lively, interactive adult accompanied programme encourages young children’s growing autonomy as they enjoy a host of interactive, creative and hands-on activities that help develop cognitive skills, fine and gross motor skills, social skills, and the confidence to articulate needs and desires.

• Bilingual PlayClub-Children and adults enjoy all the benefits of PlayClub with the addition of one educator who communicates only in Standard English and a second who communicates only in Standard Mandarin. Children absorb language naturally and learn to code switch with ease.

• PlayClub Independent-PlayClub Independent is the perfect bridge between an adult accompanied programme and formal independent learning. Ideal for the more self-sufficient toddler or children soon to enter Nursery One but who need more time to develop autonomy, PlayClub Independent uses tried and tested components of our popular PlayClub curriculum, engaging each child’s desire to participate, inter-act, explore and experience.

• Stepping Stones-This adult accompanied programme for children in Nursery One provides learning opportunities that focus on encouraging initiative and independence, through drama, music, movement and speech work.

Age appropriate activities help children develop skills and techniques that enable them to communicate effectively through the exciting medium of drama. This might take the form of poetry, theater, mime, improvisation, puppetry, role-play, masks, storytelling, reading aloud and creative writing. Students also have the opportunity to work towards Trinity College London awards.

A range of creative literacy programmes develops children’s reading and writing skills at every level, motivating and inspiring their desire to explore and discover language and literature. As children develop their skills, they are introduced to a variety of reading genres and writing conventions along the way.

The joy of learning and discovery continues during the long school breaks with a range of specially designed holiday adventures and literacy camps. Encompassing all the aims and benefits of our regular Adult Accompanied, Speech and Drama and Readers and Writers programmes, holiday programmes pack in the fun during the space of a week, as they engage, inspire and develop confidence, creativity and imagination.

Julia Gabriel School of Education runs certificated courses in early childhood education and development, speech communication arts, and presentation and communication skills, for parents and teachers. It runs parenting and educational workshops, the Trinity College London assessments and sponsors and trains judges for both the Singapore Secondary Schools Debating Championship and World Schools Debating Championship.

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